Hormone Replacement Therapy in Grand Forks - a New Life for Your Body

As hormones rule our body supporting them on a balanced level is a key factor for health and well-being. Our clinic provides you with special Hormone Replacement Therapy that keeps your hormones balanced. The HRT by clinic includes:

  • HGH therapy program for men;
  • HGH therapy program for women;
  • Testosterone replacement program for men and women;
  • Hormone Level Analyses.

Our Clinic Medical Advisors Provide you with HGH and Testosterone Renovation Programs

Every man tends to age. That sad truth can be sweetened by a healthy body and optimized ageing process that help you staying vital and energized through the years passing by.

Unfortunately, lots of men and women face hormone deficit in their andropause and menopause. Our medical specialists may help you to avoid hormone disbalance and keep your body and mind in good condition.

We strive to make our patients healthy and rigorous. For this, special medical programs are developed in our clinic. Each program takes into account sex, body condition, current hormone level and other valuable factors that should be considered. As we provide precise optimization of key hormones that are HGH and Testosterone, we offer our patients customized programs to renew their hormone level to the normal state.

In our clinic, there are effective programs for:

  • Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy;
  • Testosterone therapy for men;
  • Growth Hormone therapy for men;
  • Bioidentical Hormones for females.

Every program is prescribed after thorough anamnesis research and blood testing for hormone level. After the prescription, every patient is constantly supervised by our doctors and only clinically tested and proven medicines are used for the therapy.

Why Are Hormones so Valuable for the Body?

These chemical compounds produced by our body play a significant role in the regulation of almost every function our body performs. They are produced by glands of the endocrine system and permanently injected into the blood to get to the body part they regulate. And their area of regulation is extremely wide as they are responsible for:

  • Reproductive system functionality including libido, erection, fertility and genitals' health.
  • Human growth and body progress.
  • Digestive system and metabolism.
  • Emotional and cognitive functions.

The peak of hormones production comes in the age of maximal fertility that is from 20 to 30 YO. After that, with ageing, the level of hormones decreases step by step. It is quite natural, yet a decrease of HGH and testosterone impacts the body with the hugest effect. Those hormones have the most prominent impact on the body themselves, so their lack is felt the most.

What to do if the level of these hormones is decreasing? The way out is to apply special methods that are called Hormone Replacement Therapy. With their help, you can get on your healthy and vital way with no traits of ageing felt or visible.

What Is HRT?

As the level of hormones is lower, the body feels its lack acting in a certain way. To prevent these actions, HRT is developed. It is renovating your hormones level that was imbalanced by age.

Our body can not produce hormones in the number it was designed by nature with age. But it doesn't mean it couldn't act as a young body if it is supplied with hormones. That is the goal of HRT – to supply your body with a lacking number of hormones to provide you with health and energy.

How Can a Patient Know that He Needs HRT?

There are some special symptoms that occur when the lack of hormones exist. They concern both mental and physical condition. In some cases, you may have only several of them, in some – all of them. The last option may enclose you have a hormone deficit of more than one hormone. What are these symptoms?

  • Constant feeling of weariness.
  • Sexual dysfunctions i.e. low libido, erectile dysfunctions.
  • Low mood, dissatisfaction with life, depression symptoms.
  • Decreasing muscle mass.
  • Increasing fat fibre and weight.

When you notice at least one or two of these symptoms repeating, it is better to visit our clinic in Grand Forks to get diagnosed. We have a big experience in overcoming ageing symptoms using Hormone Replacement Therapy methods with proven efficiency. We'll test your hormone level and provide you with an appropriate cure. Apply for a doctor's supervision right now not to feel annoying symptoms of hormone deficit.

What Are the Merits of Taking HGH Replacement Therapy?

Human Growth Hormone is among the most important hormones impacting our body. With age, its level begins to decline yet, it is not a sentence! You may appreciate all the merits of HGH Replacement Therapy if you are diagnosed with GHD (Growth Hormone Deficit).

With hormonal injections, the effect can be seen in a matter of weeks.

  • The energy level is rising.
  • Your weight begins to decline.
  • Bones mineralisation and as a result, their strengthening activates.
  • Your heart and vessels' condition improves.

And it's not all! Overall body condition becomes better since you start your HGH Replacement Therapy.

What Are the Merits of Taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

As usual, people think that Testosterone is a predominantly male hormone. Yet, its impact on a female's body is also considerable. After the 40s, both men and women can suffer from Testosterone deficit that leads to sexual activity decreasing and muscle decreased muscle tone. With the help of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, men between the age of 40-65 years can get the following result:

  • Increasing sex drive and balanced reproductive functions.
  • Heightening stamina and energy level.
  • Muscle mass increasing.
  • Cognitive functions improved.
  • Psyche condition stable.
  • Positive mood.

For women, the results of Testosterone Replacement Therapy are quite similar.

Your Best-Resulted HRT in Grand Forks

Hormone Replacement Therapy requires accurate supervision of a highly qualified medician who knows exactly how to implement hormone-containing medicines to a certain patient's treatment. In our clinic clinic in Grand Forks, all the staff gained considerable experience in HRT with the following certification. We use only proven drugs and provide our special programs developed in accordance with the latest researches.

Answering FAQ About HRT

  • Q: What is HRT?
  • A: It is a complex method of returning your hormone level to homeostasis. As with age, our body cannot produce hormones on a needed level, HRT is a medical method of supplying our body with missing hormones.
  • Q: How can I know for sure, that I need HRT?
  • A: Prescription for HRT can be given only after thorough research that includes Hormone Level Testing and studying your medical history as well. You can apply for testing your hormones level if you regularly feel dissatisfaction with life, low sexual drive, decreased stamina and energy level. These are the most common symptoms of hormone deficiency.
  • Q: Are there any side effect when taking Hormone Replacement Therapy?
  • A: As usual, HRT is considered to be a safe and effective method for improving your life quality. Medical researches show that there are a few side effects that can occur. They are:
  • Headache,
  • Dizzyness,
  • Pain in joints,
  • A light inflamation of the skin in the injection site.

HRT side effects are rare, they are associated with dosage and type of medicine used. As usual, correction of dosage and choosing another medicine can solve that problem.

Q: At what age can I start my HRT?

A: HRT is considered to be anti-age treatment, yet, there are no age restrictions. You should listen to your body. If there are symptoms that are key for hormone disbalance, it is the right time to start your HRT after diagnostics.

Looking for Hormone Replacement Therapy in Grand Forks? Get It in clinic

Our clinic provides high-resultative Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women throughout the US having a branch in Grand Forks.

We specialize in HGH Replacement Therapy, Menopause and Andropause Therapy, Testosterone Therapy for men and women, Erectile Dysfunctions Treatment and other methods of HRT.

Hormone Deficit Treatment for Men in Grand Forks

In our clinic, you may get HRT for improving your erectile and sexual dysfunctions, Testosterone lack and muscle mass decrease. As usual, men are not eager to talk about these problems. In our clinic, we provide a friendly and confidential approach to every patient to make his body healthier and his life quality higher.

Hormone Deficit Therapy for Women

For most women, ageing is a disappointing process that is impossible to come to terms with. No need to do that as Hormone Replacement Therapy will delay ageing processes and return your beauty and energy, sexuality and well-being.

Testing for Hormone Deficiency in Grand Forks

Getting tested for HGH or Testosterone deficiency is the first step on your way to anti-ageing routines. In clinic you can pass your Hormone Level Tests by the newest methods. We provide you with accurate results of your testing you can show your medical advisor to get launched to an HRT program. Results of Hormone Level Tests are of high importance, as they are the basis for choosing the program, the type of bioidentical hormone replacement medicines and their dosage. Please, apply for a Hormone Level Test if you have any concerns about your hormone balance to improve your body and mood condition in a safe and efficient way that is HRT.